RwandaLeadership Vistas has held 13 conferences in Rwanda over the past 7 years, training 100 Rwandan pastors and church leaders, as well as many from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rwanda is known primarily for its genocide in 1994, the result of a longstanding conflict between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes, but Rwanda has made great advances in its development and stability in recent years, and across the country communities participate in a monthly national day of community service.

Rwanda needs strong Christian leaders to help the people work towards forgiveness and reconciliation, and to strengthen the church as it struggles with jealousy and greed – also causes of the genocide. There are many widows and women whose husbands are in prison, and they frequently struggle with HIV as well. Many women are drawn to prostitution, as they are usually less educated and thus less qualified for work.

Less than 10% of evangelical pastors in Rwanda have had any kind of theological training, usually because they cannot afford it. Many of the pastors are overseeing orphanages in addition to leading their congregations.

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