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Frequently Asked Questions

God has called Leadership Vistas to train pastors in Africa, which we have been doing for the past 10 years. Many African pastors are not able to attend a formal seminary or Bible college because of a lack of funds, but most of them also support their families and ministries through farming, a small business, or other tent-making work. In these circumstances they are not able to take time away to attend a formal program and cover the additional expenses of tuition and other school fees.

Many of these pastors lack an understanding of basic biblical doctrines such as the Trinity and salvation through grace; they are also contending with popular heresies in their communities. Bible commentaries and other study aids are largely unavailable in Africa, and many rural communities do not yet have computers or internet access.

Without this crucial training false teaching will continue to spread, as many Christians in Africa are currently being led astray by the influences of the prosperity gospel, cults, and traditional animistic religious practices.

Pastors attend a series of 5 conferences, with a total of 15 courses. These training programs take place over several years and allow for relationships to develop between the pastors and teachers. The courses offered include Theology, Old and New Testament Surveys, Church History, Missions and Evangelism, Spiritual Disciplines, and Pastoral Leadership Skills.

At each conference pastors or church leaders attend class for 4-5 days. Each attendee takes 3 courses and receives course materials to take home and use in his/her church. Many of the pastors translate their materials into local languages and share them in their communities.

We greatly appreciate your prayers for the pastors as they serve their families, churches, and communities. You can sponsor a pastor or a woman church leader for a conference or a series of conferences. Also, if you are in seminary, a seminary graduate, and/or a pastor, we would enjoy talking with you about teaching on a trip. You can contact us here.

While our primary mission is training pastors, we not only teach but mentor and minister to participants. In addition, we sometimes help the church with their ministries or in emergencies, such as during the recent conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We also give reading glasses and Bibles to pastors who need them.

Our teachers consist of graduates of seminaries and pastors of churches. Currently we draw our teachers from 3 continents. A number of these teachers have also assisted in developing courses and have made several trips to Africa. These experiences have enabled us to build relationships between our team members and African national church leaders as we have joined together to serve the Kingdom.

Many pastors develop a new or clarified vision in which they can utilize the training, and they also appreciate connecting and networking with other pastors. Currently our graduates are engaged in  teaching, preaching, mentoring, and ministering in their church as well as in orphanages, children’s ministries, prison ministries, and reconciliation ministries.